Easy to use

It's easy for anyone who visits your business to record their details.

  • Print QR codes for your staff and visitors and put them in obvious places, say the front door or the counter.
  • When someone walks in, they scan the code using their smartphone, and fill in their details on the webpage

What could be simpler?


LivMate can be used in all industries for staff attendance, visitor recording and to meet other compliance requirements.

It works in varied environments such as Hospitality, Construction, Retail, Education, Live Events, Sports Clubs and other Venues.

LivMate can support all business, as life has changed.


LivMate helps reduce the complexity of recording who's in your business, where they are and how long they stay.

  • Print QR codes for staff, tables and visitors and put them in prominent places.
  • Anyone who walks in or needs to be served, scans the code with their smartphone and enters their details.

That's it! There's nothing else you need to do.

Offset costs with a Victorian Business grant

For people

Anyone who's got a smartphone can leave details without touching a thing.

Just scan the QR code when you walk into a business, then leave your details on the website form.

This way, no-one but the venue staff will ever get to see your details.

* Customers may need to download a QR Code reader from their app store.

The bottom-line

We've kept things simple and costs low to help businesses budget during this time.

Prices start at $30 per month

If you're a large business or organisation, please contact us for a quote.

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