Roadmap to certainty

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Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has announced the roadmap for Victoria to come out of the second wave of COVID-19.

Daniel Andrews made it clear that the thousands of scenarios run through computer modelling carried out indicate that the level of COVID-19 in the community is too high to risk opening up everything at the moment.

“We all need to be patient for a little longer” Daniel Andrews said, “I know and understand what everyone is going through and their frustration” he added.

Daniel Andrews stated that “we all want certainty, that is what I am trying to provide.” He went on to say that nobody wants a “yoyo where restrictions come of and then have to go back on.” “what nobody wants is a third wave and that is what would happen if we were to ignore the medical advice and the modelling and open up.”

We all want to get to the new COVID normal and now we have a roadmap. We have to take steady and safe steps. We want open and stay open.

“We risk undoing all the hard work we have done” said Professor Allen Cheng Deputy Chief Medical Officer. “We have come this far we now need to hang on a little longer and we will come to a better place”. This can only happen if we continue to be guided by the data and the science.

The full roadmaps are available on the link below.

COVID Safe principles will always apply

  • Wear a mask or face covering

  • Don’t go to work if you feel sick or unwell

  • Physical distancing (1.5 metres)

  • Cough and sneeze into tissue or elbow

  • Good hand hygiene

  • Outdoor activities

All businesses must have a COVID Safe plan before they can open.

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