COVID Safe Plans

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Jill Hennessy Attorney-General, Minister for Workplace Safety and COVID-19 recently joined the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews at the daily COVID-19 update press conference.

Jill Hennessy spoke about what WorkSafe Victoria had been doing under the directions issued by the Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

WorkSafe Victoria has conducted over 3000 checks on businesses. The checks included examination of their COVID safe plan. WorkSafe examined if the business and their COVID safe plan complied with the health guidelines and directions.

Some of the issues that they identified included:

  • Staff not working from home

  • Missing PPE

  • Poor hygiene practices

  • Lack of health screening

  • Lack of a plan if a worker has a positive test

Jill Hennessy provided two examples from a transport company:

  • The company provided re-usable gloves, but they were not laundered correctly.

  • The administration staff were in the office when they should have been working from home.

Breaches identified by WorkSafe Victoria can result in improvement notices and possible shutdown. Jill Hennessy stated that there are 30 ongoing investigations some of which are related to COVID-19 issues.

It is essential that all businesses have in place a COVID safe plan to open and stay open.

The full roadmap is available on the link below.

COVID Safe principles will always apply

  • Wear a mask or face covering

  • Don’t go to work if you feel sick or unwell

  • Physical distancing (1.5 metres)

  • Cough and sneeze into tissue or elbow

  • Good hand hygiene

  • Outdoor activities

All businesses must have a COVID Safe plan before they can open.

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