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LivMate has been produced by Linked Success. Linked Success has a background in products that support education, well-being and visitor management.

LivMate makes it simple to get started, registration is quick and easy, plus our quick setup guide ensures a good user experience. 

LivMate is supplied with no upfront cost or setup fees.

LivMate provides full customer support for the business/venue/site for the nominal charge. 

LivMate collects information that assists emergency management. In an emergency you know who was onsite and in which area. 

LivMate ensures that personal details are not visible to other attendees at the business/venue/site. 

LivMate stores contact details for the required time after which they will be automatically removed from the LivMate system.  

LivMate can generate reports required for site management. There are no additional costs for producing reports.

LivMate is a web-based application, no special hardware is required. LivMate can be accessed on any internet enabled device.

LivMate users display a QR code®, attendees can scan it and provide their details using their own phone.

LivMate automatically date and time stamps when attendees check into business/venue/site and when they check out.  

LivMate makes it possible enter the details for a group. For example, you can check in your whole dinner group in in one entry or a work crew into a site.  

LivMate can track the data that makes sense to your organisation or site; including who was in an area at a table or in a chair if required. 

LivMate lets you set up attendance limits for your venue, sites or separate areas. Track attendance to ensure that you do not allow too many people in.